Weekend Bag


My sister found an absolutely gorgeous Laura Ashley remnant, and the next thing I knew it was sat by my sewing machine with a request to make a weekend bag.

I used the pattern from Lisa Lam’s most amazing book “The Bag Making Bible” (seriously, this is the book that got me into bag making, it’s awesome!).  I spent ages fussy cutting the fabric so that the design was central on the bag and so that it all lined up properly on the front pocket.  It was also my first time making bag handles, but they were so easy just using rubber tubing, I’ll definitely being making them again.  This was the result 🙂 I love it!  Though of course, I then had to part with it and give it back to my sister.

Picture of weekend bag

So pretty!

There was enough fabric left over to make a jewellery roll and a make up bag as well, so a whole weekend set!

I’ve now got some fabric to make my very own 🙂

Happy crafting 🙂

Katherine x

Chair Cushions!


When my husband and I moved house last summer, we begged/borrowed/stole furniture off various of our relations.  Among the stuff we obtained/took/were given were three wicker chairs which, as children, had resided in mine and my brothers bedrooms.  The cushions on these chairs had been made for us by my Gran about twenty years ago, in fabric covered in parrots and other things that small kids like.

After having these slightly worn and outdated cushions on the chairs for a number of months, I decided it was time to take action!  So I am working my way around the chairs now, recovering them in (slightly!) more grown up fabric, and giving them a new lease of life.

Here are the before and after shots for one of the chairs:



I’m pretty pleased with these for an evenings work!

Katherine xxx